Tamanu Oil – Roll On
Tamanu Oil – Roll On
Tamanu Oil – Roll On

Tamanu Oil – Roll On

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Product Name: Tamanu Oil – Roll On


Size: 15 ml


Product Description:

TAMANU OIL NATURAL SUPER HEALING OIL                                                                   

This little, refillable, Tamanu Oil 15ml (.5 ounce) Roll On is great for spot application on things like acne, small scars, and rashes, burns, age spots, minor eczema, and psoriasis problems, dermatitis, water warts, toenail fungus and other localized skin conditions.

Compact enough to fit in a small purse or pocket.

Apply directly on to the affected area 2-4 times a day.

This product is 100% Certified Vegan


Ingredients: Pure Tamanu Oil