Refund Policy


You have 14 days since you received the product to fall in love with it, if in the end it is not so and the product is in perfect condition you can return it or change it. Thus the options will be:

- Exchange it for another product of equal amount.
- Exchange it for a product of different amount and pay the difference.
- Exchange it for a smaller product and we will refund the difference.
- Request the return and receive the total amount of the product, never shipping costs.

- Contact us to proceed with the exchange or return. You must send us an email to bella.duchessa.store@gmail.com and tell us:

1. The reason for the return.
2. What do you want the solution to be, if I change or refund the amount.
3. Any of the following information: Full name, email with which you placed the order or order number.
4. These are several things to consider in exchanges and returns:

Returns and exchanges will always be effective at the same address where the first shipment is recorded.

The return of the product is paid by the buyer.


When you want to make changes or returns on an order with promotion or discount, you have to take into account that in the case of a refund the refund will be proportional to the discount / promotion code that has been used.

We accept changes and returns worldwide, but these will be the responsibility of the customer, the customer must send the product to our delegation, you can ask us about the shipment as it may be cheaper using our transport. Once it arrives, in case of return the refund will be made or in case of change you will have to pay the new shipment.


You have a period of 2 days to notify us of this problem. We give you a solution. The options will be the following:

- Exchange it for another equal product.
- If it is out of stock, we will exchange it for another product of equal amount.
- We refund the total amount.
- Contact us so we can give you a solution. You must send us an email to bella.duchessa.store@gmail.com and tell us:

Explain what happened to the product.
Product photo where the defect is appreciated
Any of the following information: Full name or order number.
In this case BellaDuchessa will bear the costs.


Once the order is shipped, we are not responsible for any address error that has not been notified well in advance.

If you want to modify any information of the shipping address (wrong postal code, lack of data, etc.) you must do so before the order is sent.

In case for these reasons the order is lost, the customer can request a 10% discount on their next purchase.


You can cancel your order as long as it has not been shipped yet.

If you notify us before it is sent, we will proceed to its cancellation and a full refund.

If once the order has been sent, you wish to cancel it, unfortunately we will not be able to carry out this action.